My Journey Began With a Simple Gift for Christmas

Please Excuse the Mess, it’s My Fault The Flags for my Wife, Looks Like our Dog (Opus) Approves! RIP

And, Based on My Family’s Response to its Design & Durability, They Encouraged me to Make More & Sell Them. So I Did! I Thought They We’re Crazy!

And, it Sold Almost Immediately!
I Was Totally Blown Away!
And Then, This One Sold Before it Was Even Done!

I thought, Hmmm, maybe I’m Missing Something Here and, as if Someone Was Listening & Wanted to prove His Point, Covid-19 Became the Newest Headline & a National Disaster! With All This Time on My Hands, Maybe I Should Just Make Flags as a “Covid-Career!

Time to get Creative!

I Love Old Glory with Her 50 Stars But, Let’s See What I can Come Up With!

First, I Remembered My Youth

And My Respect for Thomas Jefferson Along With our 2nd Amendment

Then I Quoted Them:

Which Lead to This Design:

Then, This:

Ben Franklin, My Ancestor, 6 Generations Removed. I Thought He’d Get a Kick Out of Me Putting One of His Quotes on One of My Flags.

Then, Someone Asked if I Made One for 1st Responders & I Said No But I’m Happy to Make You One.

Back the Blue!

Then, Someone Said Thats Great but What About Fire? I Said Sure!

How’s This?
My Family Likes to Donate Them Too!
Then a Great Friend Suggested We Make One For Our Buddy Who Was About to Retire
So We Did
33” x 60”

Then, Someone Asked if I Made a Smaller Version of These Flags?

I Said I guess I Could!

Shipped to NY, Go Yanks

Then, Someone Asked How Big I could Make one? That’s a Great Question, Let’s Find Out!

“This Things Bigger Than the Pool Table!”

Then, Someone said: “Hey, I Saw Your Flag You Made For the Bar, Could You Make One to Go Outdoors on My Barn?”

I Guess I Could Try!

Cause Even Horses Love This Country & Our Flag!

Then Someone Asked If I Made State Flags (Which I Didn’t) but I said Sure, Sounds fun!

Crunching the Numbers
Fun Challenge
How’d it Turn Out?
Customer Seemed Pleased
Cool Flag, Great State, Horrible Politics!
Pretty Popular Too!
First, They Get Torched to Bring Out the Grain
A Little Paint & Stain
Plus 3 Coats of Spar Urethane to Survive CO. Winters!

I had at Least a 100 People If I had a Texas Flag (which I didn’t) So, I Made One & Nobody Bought It! Made a Great Gift to Old Friend!

Happy B-Day Big Al

Great Birthday Present!
This will Be a Flag One Day if I Ever Get The Time to Finish It!
This is What Gave Me the Inspiration.
Not Sure if I Want to Cut it Down to a Square or Keep it a Circle. Your Thoughts?
Central Coasters are Nuts About Their Area Code & Beer!
I Guess if You’re Born & Raised it Makes Sense!
Santa Barbara, CA. There’s Hope Fir California After All!
Once I Got a CNC Machine People Started Asking If I Could Do Corporate Logo’s

So I Started Making Custom Logo’s

Lazy Susan