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Where I Make a

Limited Number of Custom Designed

American Flags & Furniture   

Designed to Last & Built to Survive the Elements

100% Guaranteed to Last & Impress Your Friends & Family

Are You Proud to be an American?

I Sure am! How Lucky Are We?

Prices Start

13” x 25” $329.95 + T, S&H

16” x 31” $429.95 + T, S&H

23″ x 42″ $ 529.95 + T, S&H

26″ x 48″ $ 749.95 + T, S&H

33” x 52” $ 929.95 + T, S&H

33″ x 60″ $1,449.95 + T, S&H

Larger Sizes Upon Request


Delivered Locally

Shipped (UPS) Everywhere!

Returning California Into the Conservative Republic our Founding Fathers Bequeathed To Us.

With Your Patronage, I’m Developing Renewed Faith in the American Dream & Ideal,

to Form:
“A More Perfect Union,”

One Flag at a Time!

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I Was Building Another Venture Called Adovation.org When Covid Kicked in and Sent it to the Back Burner so, I Turned a Christmas Gift Into a Side Gig and Ultimately What I Called a Covid Career. The Proceeds of Which Are Going into the Business Because We’re Not Looking For Hand-Outs or a Go-Fund Me Page to Build Our Startup, Just Hard Work & That Great American Spirit to Build Something Awesome!

It’s a WIN – WIN
You Can Help Create Jobs in California and Fund a StartUp in the United States by Purchasing a Flag and Showing off your Patriotism!

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Having Some Fun With iMovies
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Delivered Free Locally, Shipped UPS Ground Anywhere in the Lower 48 for a Fraction of the Retail Price.

My Flags are:
1.25” thick starting with 3/4” Thick, Hand Cut Red Oak Plywood Stripes Individually Cut for Each Flag, Then Torched For a Distressed Look Which Bring’s out the Woods Grain and Forms a Protective Seal. Then, Each Stripe is Hand Stained & Assembled on to a 1/2” stained Backboard (Behr Deck Stain) then coated with 2 Coats of Spar-Urethane to Protect the Flag From the Elements & UV Rays With a Combined Weight Between 25-35-45 Pounds Respectively.
All Flags Are Shipped Ready to Hang with Stainless Steel Anchors but, if you prefer, a French cleat can be included for an additional fee and, if you like, I can include remote controlled multiple colored backlighting as well.

Consider it:
“An Investment in Wall Art!”

Perfect for your Man-Cave, She-Shed, Front of your Cabin, Back of your Deck, Your Home Office, Barn, Restaurant or Bar!

About Us

I was looking for a nice present to give to my wife for Christmas and, since she’s very patriotic and has always admired these outdoor American flags hanging on our neighbors cabins, I figured I’d try and make her a flag that’s unique and something special. Only one problem. I’d never made anything like it before so I set out and scoured YouTube and other places to teach myself how. What I found was a whole lot of guys breaking up pallet wood and spray-painting this crap together and having the temerity to charge an outrageous amount of money for something that should be stamped “Made in China!” It was cheaply made, fragile and looked like something you’d buy at a flea-market!

I wasn’t making a gift for my wife that was so cheaply assembled especially an American flag so, I taught myself what I thought I should do and when I did finally put it all together, my family was blown away with its quality in product and durability in design.

Just because it’s designed to look “distressed” doesn’t mean it’s gotta be a piece of junk & fragile & if I’m going to put my name on each flag

(Which I Do)

it’s going to be well built and sold at a fair price!

After Christmas, It was suggested I make a few more and put the proceeds into the business I’m starting (link above) so I figured I’d give it a shot.

If I can create something people liked, that I can put my name on and be proud of the craftsmanship and, offer a quality product to fellow Patriots which will help fund my Start-Up & create jobs……why the hell NOT?

Here’s her original.

So, please have a look around and feel free to ask any questions on how to build one yourself using my method or, if you’re interested and have the right tools, I’ll sell you step by step plans for $20.00 and you can make something you’re proud of as well!


”You May Not Like Guns, That is Your Right.
You May Not Believe in God, That is Your Choice.
But, if Someone Breaks into Your House You’re Gonna
1) Call Someone With a Gun &
2) Pray They Get There in Time!”

Just do me a favor & let me know what your thoughts are below in the comment section. Thanks in advance.

If you don’t have a 2nd Amendment what guarantees the rest?

Indoor & Out 100% UV Protection


Every Flag is signed and Dated

Newest Addition

$ 349.95

The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants!

Thomas Jefferson

Limited Edition Flag – Only 1 per state made with HIDDEN features embedded within the flag to prove authenticity that only I and the owner know of . And, during assembly, I take pictures to prove what’s what and where which will prove the original Limited Edition State Flag Is authentic and which one is the forgery. As each Limited Edition Flag sells the next is priced incrementally higher adding value intrinsically. Updated List Price: $2,849.95 (32.5”x 60”)

*Note: LE Flags increase in price with every sale. Prices subject to change without notice but, will never sell for less then the last.

AZ – 1912 #48 Sold

NJ – 1787 # 3 Sold

PA – 1787 #2 Sold

Tailgate Tavern – Parker, CO.


RI – 1790 # 13 Sold

TN – 1796 #16 Sold

IL – 1818 # 21 Sold

CT – 1788 # 5 Sold

NY – 1788 #11 Sold

CA – 1850 #31 Sold

GA – 1788 # 4 Available

What flag would you like to Hang?

This Design was a Collaboration Between myself & One of My Oldest Friends Who Wanted me to Create & Build Something Unique & Exclusive so We Decided a Limited Number (#50/1 per State) Would make it Uncommon & Extraordinary, Ironically, Just Like The United States Itself!

With His Permission and After a Special Request From a New Client, it’s Now Available in the 33” x 60” ($2,849.95) & 26” x 48” ($2,249.95) Sizes But, Still Limited to 1 per State!

26” x 48”
NH – 1788 # 9 Sold
CO – 1876 # 38 Sold

DE – 1787 #1 Sold

PA – #2 Under Construction

“You Ok With This?”

It’s Time We Stop Being so “Tolerant that we Tolerate, Intolerance!”

Framed Unions

New Design & Concepts:

Here’s a preview of my newest Union combining the Gadsden Snake with Thomas Jefferson’s most revered “quote”

Whatcha think?

State Flags

are Always a Fun Challenge!

!00% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Made this for one of my best friends birthday who’s personality is bigger than Texas so he needs a flag to prove it!
Fly United
Two coats of semi-transparent stains to seal & protect the work.
Front & Back!
Only the Finest Products Used

Made one at a time, by hand, just as you’ve ordered.

Made with 3/4″ Torched Red Oak Plywood, Hand Cut Stripes (1.75″, 2″ or 2,5″) Stained with two coats and then Attached to 1/2 Plywood & Coated twice with SparUrathane for the elements & UV protection.

Shipped and ready to hang with your choice of French Cleat (metal or wood) or Stainless Steel Anchors Placed 16″s on Center.

Prices Start

13” x 25” $329.95 + S&H

16.5” x 31” $429.95 + S&H

23″ x 42″ $ 549.95 + S&H

26″ x 48″ $ 749.95 + S&H

33” x 52” $ 949.95 + S&H

33″ x 60″ $1,449.95 + S&H

45” x 90”

Cliff Bar – On the Mesa

Santa Barbara, CA

Detailed Step by Step Plans $20.00

Custom Size & Union Design Start from $849.95 + S&H up to $4,849.95 Depending on size and design complexity.

Note: 50% Non-Refundable Deposit is Required for Custom Designed Unions and Flags

  • All Major Credit Cards accepted including Venmo & Zell
    * S&H = Our Rate, Approximately $50.00 – US Only
  • Each Flag Weighs between 25-45 pounds +/- a few and are ready to mount.
Shou Sugi Ban
is an old Japanese method of preserving wood by burning it. This technique makes the wood beautiful, mold & pest resistant and ironically, fire resistant.

Birthday present for a Brother in Law who’s a freak about OU!

How’d it turn out?

My Life! LOL When That’s Over, So Is The Guarantee!
“Au Naturale”

Products and Services

Just about any design you can dream up, we can carve, paint and deliver!

Don’t Believe in the 3% Ideal? Some do!
Some of us will proudly defend our Country from Enemies
Foreign & Domestic!
This guy (friend) is a TRUE Patriot!

These flags make great gifts for any Occasion – Holidays, Birthdays and Retirements just to to name a few.

Send me a design or I’ll mock one up like this and then……..

The gold stars represent the 3(up top) three hundred & 4 (middle) forty 3(lower) Firemen we lost on 9 (Lower row of stars count em) / 11 in the N (North, Left Middle) & S (south, Right Middle) towers. I will NEVER forget that day nor will I forgive those who wish to bring harm to this great (not perfect) Country! We are blessed to live here!

I’ll carve the wood & hand paint your design with the colors and fonts you choose.

Never Forget 9/11 or All Our Sacrifices

Then I’ll hand cut, torch, stain and assemble your gift that’ll be ready to ship in 7-14 days.
Holidays may delay delivery so please place your order early for Christmas & I’ll do everything I can to get it there for the big day.

Rush Limbaugh



I met a gal who wanted to send Rush Limbaugh a big thank you for all his work with “Tunnels to Towers“ but their lawyers wouldn’t sign off on our design using their logo so, we made our own. I think it looks great and I hope he appreciates her gesture of gratitude and, if nothing else, I gained a friend.
I love to embed hidden messages or phrases in all my flags that are important to me and our Nations history!

Get in Touch to Order

HandCrafted by John

I dabbled a bit with furniture and made these demo chairs to see how they’d turn out. What do you think?

Oversized & Heavy Duty Adirondack Chairs
Heavy Duty Deck Chairs

Shadow Boxes

Semper Fidelis

A Nice Compliment & an Honor to Serve Those Who Have Served Us!

Your Service Will Not Be Forgotten

Feb. 11, 2021
“This Shadow Box with my Dad’s Flag will be cherished a family memento for future generations.  I am especially proud that this Shadow Box was made in America by someone who loves this nation as much as I do and as my father did.
Thanks again for everything.”




*Note: Cherry Wood Requires a Chemical Treatment That Takes Extra Time & Effort to Reach a Deep Lustrous Patina. Please Add $200.00 + 14 days to Your Expected Time Frame For Delivery.


Exotic Woods on Demand

1/4 Inch Glass With Birch Backing

$349.95 Plus
Shipping & Handling

We accept all major credit cards

100% Refunds if You Are Not Satisfied with the Craftsmanship, Materials or, the Flag was Damaged during shipping.

You are Responsible for the Return Cost of Shipping.

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