DIY KITS For Every Skill Set

Supplies Are Limited

Let Me Help You Create a Lifetime of Memories With My DIY Kits & Your Kids!

Looking for a unique gift for Father’s Day? Look no further. offers DIY kits to make your own, custom made American flag with your kids that’s fun to do, educational and they’ll last forever! Every time you look at it hanging up on the wall it’ll bring back all those memories of their childhood that’s quickly slipping away.

DIY Kits Include: 1 Union, 13 Stripes, 1 Backboard, 1 Anchor with screws & Based on Your Choice of Kits, Stain, Construction Adhesive, Spar Urethane, Brushes, Clamps, Complete Book of Instructions, Some Fun ideas to Make Your Flag Unique & a Certificate of Authenticity.

Everything You Need to Make Lifelong Memories

How’s it Work?


1) Choose You Favorite Style of Flag

A. Traditional: Red, White & Blue?

B. Au Natural: Red, Natural & Blue seen above

C. Campsite: Grey, White & Blue

D. Special: Either A, B or C above with either a Blue Line for Law Enforcement or Red Line for 1st Responders

2) Choose Your Favorite Size

A. 13” x 25” (inches) Width & length.

B. 16.25” x 31” (inches) Width & Length

3) Pick Your Favorite Union

A. Stars & Stripes (50)

B. Betsy Ross (Circle of 13 stars)

Traditional Union (50) Stars
Betsy Ross Circle (13) Stars 805 Not Included

4) Choose Your Favorite Package: This is based on skill set, access to tools & some woodworking experience. With instructions (included) anyone can make these flags. Some packages just require ownership of some tools & experience.

A. Novice DIY; make it as easy as possible for us to make a flag. In other words, send us a kit ready to glue up and coat with spar urethane. The Union is done for you, the stripes are burned & stained & the backboard is stained and sealed ready to go.

B. Experienced DIY: You’ve done some woodwork in the past but lack most of the necessary tools to complete the flag.

C. Expert DIY : I just want the Union wood and reusable 50 star template (not stained or painted with stars), the stripes cut to length (not torched or stained) the backboard cut to size (not torched or stained), 1 Stainless Steel Anchor with 2 screws , Stains for Desired Flag, Sponge Brushes & Spar Urethane but, NO Construction Adhesive, Glue Gun or Clamps

$249.95 – 13” x25” Or $349.95 – 16” x31” + Taxes, Shipping & Handling

5) Place Your Order: Call Me @ 602-689-7977 or e-mail your order to If I DO NOT REPLY I DID NOT RECEIVE YOUR ORDER! NOTE: Supplies are limited as is time so if you are ordering a kit for Fathers Day 2023, please have your order placed and paid for by 06/05/23. We ship UPS but cannot guarantee their services so please provide us with ample time to meet your needs.