How They’re Made

  • HandCrafted by John Custom Designs
  • Design Your Own

HCBJ Custom Designs Start With:

Hidden Messages – Under the Union/Stripes

I like to embed hidden messages in all my art


Carved Stars Available
Limited Edition – Available in
26″ x 48″
33″ x 60″
Stage 1
Applying Stain or Paint

1/2” Back Boards


1st Coat of Deck Stain
2nd Coat


Blowtorch Red Oak Plywood
Sho Shogi Ban Method
Love How this Method Brings Out the Grain
Each Stripe Cut Individually & Numbered
Then stained with 2 Coats on 3 sides
Then the stripes are dry fitted
The Union is Selected
The Union is hand painted & stained. In this case we imbedded 45 cal brass shells in each star for the Company
1st stage of the glue up, The Union.
24 hours later the top 7 stripes are attached
24 hours after that the lower 6 are affixed
I review the flag from all sides to make sure its up to my design standards
Each flag once reviewed gets my signature & over the next 48 hours, gets two coats of spar-urethane to protect them from the elements and tyranny!
It’s then boxed up carefully
Double protected from sloppy UPS handlers
And, shipped to your door ready to hang inside or out!