Competition Breeds Excellence!

If You Fear Your Competitors or their Products Superiority, You’re Doing Something Wrong! Or, Perhaps You’re in the Wrong Business!

Questions Before You Buy

  1. Am I more interested in price or quality? Can’t we have both? Yes
  2. Am I looking for something that’s durable and built to survive the outdoors? Yes, and it will if it’s designed and built the right way!
  3. Are the stripes stained on all sides? If it’s going outdoors they sure better be stained on at least 3 sides or any side exposed to the elements including the ends!
  4. Is the Union separate from the stripes or just stripes painted blue? If quality is most important to you they should be separate from the stripes. Cutting corners cuts overhead for the builder but cheapens their brand.
  5. Does the flag have a solid backboard or a flimsy bracket? Anything other than a solid backboard cheapens the design and eliminates one’s ability to seal it up & make it “water proof!”
  6. Is the flag hung by a wire, stainless steel anchor or French cleat? Wires break and make the flag more susceptible to to damage in higher winds!
  7. How heavy should your flag be? 15,20,30,45 pounds? Anything below 20 lbs will blow away in the wind and could Damage the flag! Heavy is Better!
  8. Are the flags sealed up with lacquer, poly or spar-urethane? Anything going outdoors and exposed to UV rays should be protected with spar-urethane and multiple coats to boot!
  9. Are the stripes ends painted, stained and or sealed for better protection? They better be both stained and sealed with construction adhesive for a completed look from the front and the sides!
  10. Should the flag be signed by the Artist? If you want a quality product he/she will be proud to affix their signature on their artwork! Anything other looks like the flags are MASS produced!

Armed With That Information, Feel Free to Look Around the “Competitions” Websites and Decide What’s Best For You!

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Or, Perhaps DIY

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