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Thomas Jefferson

Which Part of “Shall Not Be Infringed” Don’t They Get?

Historical Fact: Ever heard of the “Puckle Gun? No?

It was a flintlock “revolver” Patented in 1718 and referred to as a “machine gun,” the 1st such reference, in 1722. That is 72 years BEFORE the Founding Fathers wrote & ratified the 2nd Amendment. Don’t let them rewrite history & claim they couldn’t possibly see how technology would create weapons of “mass destruction” beyond the 2nd’s intended purpose! Protecting Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness! Look it up!

Our Founding Father’s Pledged Their “Lives, Fortunes & Sacred Honor” To Give Us A Representative Constitutional Republic. The Least We Could Do Is Honor Them!

A Huge Fan of Rush Limbaugh Commissioned This Flag to Say Thank You for All His Work with Tunnels to Towers. Being Across the River from the Twin Towers that Day it Was a Real Honor to be Involved with Her Gift. Unfortunately, This Was Sent to His NYC Office During the Middle of The Pandemic and Sat There for Months. Not Sure He Saw it Before He Passed. Still and Amazing act of Charity in My Book!

Thomas Jefferson
Ben Franklin
Ben Franklin
45 Cal. Shell Casings in the Union – Cool Idea
Custom Order -Loved the Idea
God Bless America
My Home Sweet Home

“We had our flag hung this morning and thought you would enjoy the attached pictures.  It was hung on our front porch. Thank you for a job well done – we are very pleased with the results!”


Denise & George

SeaBees Idea

Best Radio Station in C-Cal