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Our 1st Kwik-Starter Idea

Hey, Mom’s & Dad’s, want a fun project to work on with your kids for Fathers Day? How about a kit to help you build your own American flag from “scratch!”

One box, a Union with 50 stars, 13 stripes (torched) and a solid backboard ready to be stained (stains & brushes included) and assembled (construction adhesive included). Step by step instructions with pictures to guarantee an amazing project you can make with your kids and remember forever!

Early bird orders get $100.00 off so, order one or more today.

Order now by phone or email and save your place in line with a 50% deposit that’s 100% fully refundable.

$349.95 per American flag + Shipping & handling (estimated $32.50)

Early Bird special: $249.95 + S&H Sale ends 05/01/23, order now to guarantee d

elivery before Fathers Day!

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